Wednesday, December 30, 2020

What A Fun Family Xmas Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas ,we celebrated xmas tea with family and extended family and we had a marvelous fun day with way too much food.

A big thankyou to my blogging friends that sent me gifts and beautiful xmas decorations,i was blown away with the love and thoughtfulness.

I made some yummy salted caramel cupcakes to take to our daughters for xmas tea.

I was also incharge of cooking the turkey,i use a fantastic recipe out of Nigella Lawson's xmas cookbook and the turkey is soaked in brine for a couple of days which keeps the turkey very moist while cooking. Sorry forgot to take a pic of the turkey cooked.

I made both my daughter's some baths salts this year with my deterra oils,one was lavander and the other was Rosemary

I also made both girls knitted dishcloths out of 100% cotton which i purchased at Lindcraft as both the girls like using these cloths

Only one daughter likes the kitchen hand towels so i made some more for her,i made up large hampers for both girls and added their favourite wine and snacks and toiletries,they both loved them,i forgot to take pics of them too,lol.

Just before xmas we went to the Talbot Market with my brother and his Fiance and we saw some elves not sure whether they were trying to escape or whether they were trying to get into the window,lol,the kiddies at the market were fascinated with them and caused many laughs amongst them.

And we also got to see how a beehive works at one of the stalls that sold fresh raw honey.

Hope all my friends had a wonderful xmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Cheers Sheryl xx


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Tilda Swap

I have had making these projects over on Fee's Tilda Lover FB page

I was so happy to find this zipper charm i think it matches well with the pouch.

I had fun catching up with my friend Robyn for her birthday,she loved the washing up gloves i made for her.

I have just posted another parcel off for a Tilda swap

And this is the lovely parcel that i have received,we were to make or get things starting with each initial of TILDA.

The lady that sent to me was from WA and she just got a new embroidery machine and she made me a lovely tea towel for the initial of T

For the initial i i got a ice cube tray

For the letter L i got letters.

For the letter D i got Dinosaur lollies and a decoration

And for the letter A i got applique shapes

And how lucky was i ,Susan also added some lovely extras,a beautiful handmade card,a stamp and some wooden decorations. Thankyou so much Susan for my beautiful parcel of goodies.

My niece Kristy has just bought a house in Sydney with her boyfriend and he has just finished drawing this beautiful picture of Kristy's dog that passed away many years ago,how special is that.

Hope you are all well,and i hope that your day is a good one.

cheers Sheryl xx


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Been Busy

Sorry i have been MIA my dad is very ill so there has been lots of family get togethers sorting things out and also a visit to the cemetery for dad to  pick a plot for him and mum,so it has been a very emotional time for us all.

I made this cute little bag designed by Fee 

Also for my birthday last month i shouted myself some lovely tilda fabric and i think a few others sneaked in there as well,not sure how that happened lol.

I was also lucky enough to win some tilda fabric and trim on Fee's tilda lovers FB page

I have been busy making items for friends birthdays

I made a potporri lavender sachet to go with these two covered coathangers for my friend Robyn.

I have also taken up lawn bowls with my brother Bill.

Here we are having a practice as i have no idea how to play bowls or the rules lol,but it will help me to keep fit.

Hope you are all well,take care.
cheers Sheryl xx


Thursday, October 1, 2020

WOOFA Challenge

My WOOFA project for the month of September was to finish my xmas cushion,thankyou Chez for hosting Woofa to see what the other ladies got up to go here.

But i started having problems with the sewing machine,i did get the alphabet all ironed on and some letters blanket stitched around and then this happened.


I have pulled the machine apart and put in a new needle and its still happening so i will have alook at the machine again today.

My brother and his Fiance and my sister came up and we walked some of the rail trail ,it was a lovely day ,lol,just before we copped all the snow. Here they are taking a cheeky shoot un be knowns to me ,i cant see anything on my phone unless i have my glasses on now lol.

We spotted this huge spider shuttling across the track as we walk and believe me it was big,it started heading towards me and i ran ,lol,i am a bit scared of big spiders,lol.

My sister and i have started a week of going all plant food under a lovely young dietitian that is a friend of my sister's,and so far its great i have lost .7kgms in to days and i am feeling good,i also stopped the pepsi max,we are both enjoying this eating lifestyle.

Hope you all have a wonderful day ,i am off with friends for a craft day tomorrow all social distancing of course. 


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Tilda Swap

I joined a Tilda swap over on The Tilda Lovers FB page hosted by the lovely Fee

These lovely gifts were sent to me by Sonia

These lovely bags will come in handy

I love this card

How cute is this hanging heart,so thankyou Sonia for all my beautiful tilda gifts.

These are the gifts that i sent to Sonia in SA

We had to include a little gift

A xmas decoration

A card and everything was to be around a tilda theme,i havent been in a swap for quite a few years now and i found this to be alot of fun.
Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Sheryl xx