Thursday, October 1, 2020

WOOFA Challenge

My WOOFA project for the month of September was to finish my xmas cushion,thankyou Chez for hosting Woofa to see what the other ladies got up to go here.

But i started having problems with the sewing machine,i did get the alphabet all ironed on and some letters blanket stitched around and then this happened.


I have pulled the machine apart and put in a new needle and its still happening so i will have alook at the machine again today.

My brother and his Fiance and my sister came up and we walked some of the rail trail ,it was a lovely day ,lol,just before we copped all the snow. Here they are taking a cheeky shoot un be knowns to me ,i cant see anything on my phone unless i have my glasses on now lol.

We spotted this huge spider shuttling across the track as we walk and believe me it was big,it started heading towards me and i ran ,lol,i am a bit scared of big spiders,lol.

My sister and i have started a week of going all plant food under a lovely young dietitian that is a friend of my sister's,and so far its great i have lost .7kgms in to days and i am feeling good,i also stopped the pepsi max,we are both enjoying this eating lifestyle.

Hope you all have a wonderful day ,i am off with friends for a craft day tomorrow all social distancing of course. 



  1. Hi Shez,
    Your WOOFA project is looking really good, but aaargh sewing machines, they are so problematic!
    Looks like you had quite a mix of weather on your walk ..... what rotters, pulling faces behind your back!
    Yuk, I hate spiders too, I think it’s the way they move so fast that makes them.really scary.
    Your snack looks right up my street, yum!
    Enjoy your craft day, you lucky people! My group can’t go back yet, if we did it seems only six people would be allowed to meet at once!
    Have fun,
    Barbara xx

  2. Shame about your machine playing up... but you'll sort it out I'm sure.
    Lovely looking lunch by the way...yummo...
    EnJoY your day with your craft friends too...xox

  3. Your new eating lifestyle does look delicious. Such a pretty project you are working on...such happy and festive fabrics. Hope your machine begins to behave soon.

  4. I don't know if you've thought of this already but (re your machine) try a newly wound bobbin. Sometimes my machine will pitch a fit and it's generally because the bobbin isn't quite right.

  5. We are trending more and more towards vegetarianism. At worst it is doing us no harm and I think we are benefitting from the shift in diet.

  6. What a nuisance with your machine. Hope you can work it out and get back to your lovely sewing. Sounds a lovely trail to walk. Spiders don't worry me as much as snakes!! Enjoy your craft day x

  7. Shez that looks like a tension problem to me. Mine sometimes does this when I try to do the blanket stitch too - it drives me bonkers. I hope you get it sorted. Your lunch looks so lovely - I am going dairy free at the moment & enjoying meals similar to yours. I would've run from that spider too Shez ... in fact i would probably have gone home!!!

  8. Love That Family Moment In Time - Too Funny


  9. ((Shudder)) I'd have run from the big spider too.
    I hope you got your machine issues sorted, nothing more frustrating...

  10. Great project Shez, lovely stitching as always. You all look happy even that spider....ekkkk it would not cross my path...x

  11. love the cushion... looks good on the right side ..... well done with the walking and eating... doesn't take long to feel better...

  12. I see the sewing aggravation going on there I agree with Julie, probably the tension. And you
    know what, you don't even understand why it changed itself! Love the outing you and family
    had, including the spider. You've seen, I am a buggy person. And for your food change, that
    is great. All the fresh fruits and veggies you can eat, and no calorie counting on that.
    Just good food. And I do say, no sugar is really the best you can do for your body. Have
    fun with the foods and great on the weight loss. Lynn

  13. I hate big spiders too!
    Pleased that you are enjoying your new eating programme and that it is making a difference already.
    Do hope you can get your machine stitching problem sorted, no doubt you have plenty more stitching you want to get on with.

  14. Oh darn everything was going so well with your Fa-La-la cushion. I hope you get that machine sorted out quickly. I don’t blame you for running...I would head in the other direction from that spider too! It’s always nice to have a partner motivate you on a new diet.

  15. What a shame you are having machine problems. I do hope it works out for you. The progress so far on the cushion is lovely.
    Glad you are enjoying your walking and your new food regime.
    And enjoy this sunshine!

  16. Good that you can have some family time while walking, and hope you get your machine sorted, have you tried totally rethreading top and bobbin?

  17. I hope you have sorted out the problem with your machine. Your new diet looks and sounds delicious. Enjoy.

  18. Your project is awesome! Love those Christmas colours. I could have done without the spider pic lol. You need a warning at the start lol. Good on you cutting out animal products. I hope you continue to enjoy it and feel healthier.

  19. Hope you worked out your machine problem....

  20. I love your project, very, very pretty! Hope you get your sewing machine problem sorted out. The blanket stitch is so neat! Your family photo was great. I can see the lovely sense of humor coming through. The spider was very interesting. They fascinate me but only from afar :))) Congratulations on your weight loss. I am trying to eat more plant based meals also to lose weight.

  21. El cojín quedó precioso y las letras perfectas.

    Ánimo con la dieta... siempre es bueno comer saludable!

  22. Hi shez, thanks for your visit, hope you are well. xx